NRI Services

NRI refers to Indian citizens who stay abroad for employment, business, and vacation.

Who is an NRI ?
Who is a PIO ?
Why invest in India ?
What are the products offered to NRI/PIO ?
What type of Saving Bank Account(s) can be opened by NRI/PIO in India ?
What is an NRE Account ?
What is an NRO Account ?
Can money be transferred from NRE A/C to NRO A/C ?
Can money be transferred from NRO A/C to NRE A/C ?
What is the status of NRO/NRE accounts on the return of the account holder to India ?
In case a resident Indian becomes a non-resident, will he/she be required to change the status of his/her holding from Resident to Non-Resident ?
Can NRIs invest in shares, debentures and units of Mutual Funds in India ?
Can NRIs subscribe to IPO ? What are the permissions/approvals required ?
What is PIS ?
How Many PIS accounts an NRI /PIO can have ?
What are the types of PIS account ?
Why is PIS required ?
How many PIS A/Cs can an NRI open ?
Can NRI invest in all products through PIS account ?
What is a NON PIS A/C ?
What are the types of NON PIS Account ?
What type of transactions are allowed in a NON PIS a/c ?
What is meant by investment through direct subscription route ?
Do investments made through IPO’s or Private placements come under PIS ?
Do NRIs need approvals from RBI for selling securities acquired through IPO’s/Private Placement ?
Can an NRI have investments under PIS on repatriation and non-repatriation basis ?
Under what circumstances can investments made under PIS are repatriated ?
What are the provisions for corporate benefits for investment on repatriation and non-repatriation basis ?
Where can an NRI/PIO open a demat account ?
Can investments made under different schemes be held under a single demat a/c ?
What is the procedure of Dematerialization ?